PJ Goodwin

PJ Goodwin has over 20 years of experience in providing technology solutions and capabilities to corporations, including 15 years focused on the real estate industry. With a background in strategic planning and system design, implementation & operations, PJ specializes in identifying and applying technology solutions to improve processes, reduce resource requirements and enhance value.

Mr. Goodwin's experience working with real estate owners and operators includes the design, development and implementation of strategies and initiatives to provide Technical Communication Backbones, public amenity Wi-Fi, Enterprise Energy Management and CCTV/Video Surveillance and Access Control solutions to real estate portfolios.

Prior to focusing on the real estate industry, Mr. Goodwin architected and implemented the systems infrastructure for a regional telecommuncation company, worked on creating unified standards, policies, processes and procedures for systems operations after the merger of multiple telecommunications providers, and managed the systems engineering group at a national Internet service provider.

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