Asset & Energy Management

The effective use of capital across the portfolio that is in alignment with the business objectives of the organization is a challenging process that needs to have clearly defined business rules. In making these investments it is important to identify the ability to monetize these investments. Finally, the proper allocation of capital can be used on projects that help to reduce operational cost through energy management or alternative work place strategies.

GPG Asset and Energy Management Objective

Our primary objective is to design, develop and implement operational and technology improvement strategies to reduce operational costs, optimize business processes, reduce and/or eliminate management risk and enhance the portfolio value for our clients.

Services Include:

  • Building Infrastructure Design & Planning
  • Technical Communication Backbone
  • Wi-Fi Design and Implementation
  • Energy Management Planning & Reporting
  • Facility Operations Improvement Assessment
  • Technology Strategy, Roadmap, Selection and Implementation
  • Building Operational Center
  • Analytics & Reporting

Target Clients:

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
  • Land Developers
  • Commercial / Retail Property Owners
  • Corporate Businesses

4 Step Delivery Process:

  • Step 1: Define Goals
  • Step 2: Analyze Problems
  • Step 3: Recommend Solutions for Approval
  • Step 4: Implement, Validate, and Review

Our Mission

GPG Advisers is an advisory firm with a unique focus on real estate owners and operators, investors, and managers of alternative investments. Our business model combines the talents of industry leaders and experts in service delivery to assist clients in maximizing their structure, operations, and technology. We resource our client engagements with targeted, skilled individuals to meet specific needs. Our knowledge, approach, and integrity ensure client goals are achieved and make us the right choice.

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