Managed Services

As companies implement Technical Communication Backbone (TCB) and Energy Management System (EMS) they need assistance in network management, energy management, and program management. Rather than hiring and training resources GPG is ready to monitor, manage and maintain on day 1. GPG provides managed services by defining the business processes and procedures to efficiently & effectively track analysis across the portfolio, managing issue resolution, and daily and weekly reporting. Through site review & documentation, energy & equipment analysis, and enterprise & property level support our team will find the best way to manage your services.

Network Management

Having a consistent network and Wi-Fi system is essential to the operations of today’s tenants. The best type of insfrastruce is the type that “just works.” The primary focus of a majority of the vendors within this space result in being a cost to the entity since they are responsible for the network management, but do not create a revenue stream. The focus of our network management service is to ensure that client networks are fully, and optimally operational. In addition to monitoring of the network, GPG will also manage the network through the coordination of component replacement, upgrades, and modifications.

Energy Management

We have found that many of these vendors have limited ability to address the business management and decision-making process that is necessary in order to obtain optimal cost savings.   GPG is able to provide services related to assisting clients in measuring, analyzing and acting on the data collected in order to achieve the projected cost savings. The focus of GPG Managed Services is to provide and/or address department strategy, organizational structure, operations and procedures, and use of technology to lead the cost savings effort.

Program Management

It is necessary to have a dedicated and knowledgeable team that is able to focus on the following:

  • Performance of the system
  • Coordination with third party vendors
  • Coordination with internal departments such as Marketing, Leasing, etc.

Since our project team is familiar with these components of a project, we have the ability to help ensure the goals and objectives are achieved. In the program management role, we will recommend and coordinate system improvements, coordinate with third party vendors and internal departments, interact with system users as necessary, and handle meter updates, BAS upgrades, and other system component changes.

Our Mission

GPG Advisers is an advisory firm with a unique focus on real estate owners and operators, investors, and managers of alternative investments. Our business model combines the talents of industry leaders and experts in service delivery to assist clients in maximizing their structure, operations, and technology. We resource our client engagements with targeted, skilled individuals to meet specific needs. Our knowledge, approach, and integrity ensure client goals are achieved and make us the right choice.

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