Maximize Your Investment in Salesforce

As a certified Salesforce partner, GPG partners with real estate organizations to realize the value of their Salesforce investment. We have successfully helped both public and private real estate clients implement Salesforce by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and Salesforce.

Salesforce is a powerful and flexible tool that enables a more efficient, transparent and information-driven experience for your employees, business leaders and customers. GPG helps real estate clients define a Salesforce vision and execute a Salesforce implementation plan that optimizes the experience of employees, business leaders and customers.

Your Salesforce Journey with GPG

1. Define Organizational Vision with Salesforce

2. Develop Salesforce Roadmap

3. Envision an Optimized Business Process leveraging Salesforce

4. Develop a Plan to Implement Salesforce

5. Execute the Plan to Implement Salesforce

Comprehensive Transformation with Salesforce

Implementing Salesforce to create value for your organization is not just about Salesforce. It’s about ensuring that Salesforce integrates with other applications and dovetails with processes and procedures.

We help your organization define the key metrics, business processes and procedures, data model and technical architecture so that Salesforce integrates seamlessly into your organization.

Salesforce Development Services & Extending Your Existing Environment

Realizing the value of Salesforce requires ensuring your Salesforce build complements the people, processes and applications around Salesforce. GPG provides Salesforce development resources with the technical Salesforce development skills to maximize the power of your Salesforce build.

After initial implementation, real estate organizations often extend Salesforce to increase the realized value of the tool. GPG has experience completing Salesforce extension projects that are more tactical and focused. We help our clients deliver those extension projects and continue to maximize the value of Salesforce.

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GPG Advisers is an advisory firm with a unique focus on real estate owners and operators, investors, and managers of alternative investments. Our business model combines the talents of industry leaders and experts in service delivery to assist clients in maximizing their structure, operations, and technology. We resource our client engagements with targeted, skilled individuals to meet specific needs. Our knowledge, approach, and integrity ensure client goals are achieved and make us the right choice.

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