Steve Wyatt

Steve Wyatt
Senior Manager

Steve Wyatt has been in technology consulting for over twenty years. He has led high performance development teams and managed fast-paced smart building integration projects. Mr. Wyatt excels at completing projects on time, under budget, and within scope by applying proven management and process improvement methodologies. He leverages innovation to optimize profitability and the user experience.

Career highlights include serving as an advisory consultant for the Federal Election Commission on voting system technology standards; regional building integration from design to implementation for a client managing the North American power grid; and establishing and enforcing programming standards for a team of over 100 consultants while implementing a global warehouse distribution system for one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers.

Mr. Wyatt has provided insightful consulting services for technology solutions in industries as diverse as insurance, biomedical equipment, the National Football League, pharmaceuticals, and mining. His knowledge of smart building systems includes most building automation controls manufacturers, protocols and languages.

A broad educational background with a BS in Mathematics and Physics and a MS in Geophysics prepared Mr. Wyatt for the diverse challenges of today's competitive technology industry. He is a Mensa member and serves his community on various local boards for charity and sports organizations.

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