GPG Advisers executes leading practices to add value to your organization through business transformation, operations and process restructuring, and technology delivery services. Whether you need a strategic assessment and roadmap, improved fund or investment lifecycle management, enterprise technology implementation or operational change management, GPG Advisers can provide you with services to achieve your objectives.

Alternative Investments

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in alternative investments or real assets by institutional investors, sovereign funds, and endowments. Many have increased allocations to this sector to capitalize on the attractive returns and increase investment diversity.

Our team has considerable experience working with both general and limited partners within the sector to improve front to back office processing and reporting efficiencies through organization restructure, process improvement and proper selection and implementation of supporting technologies. With this expertise, we are able to provide your organization the relevant information you need to make better decisions.

We possess a deep understanding of the business operations of both GPs and LPs and the nuances across asset classes such as commodities, opportunistic investments, private equity, hedge funds, real estate and infrastructure.


GPG Advisers works with managers and investors within the sector to improve front to back office processing and reporting efficiencies through organization restructure, process improvement and the selection and implementation of supporting technologies.

  • Asset & Energy Management

    It is always a challenge to manage the use of capital across the portfolio while keeping expenditures in alignment with the business objectives of the organization. The process must include the application of clearly defined business rules and a clear definition of ways to monetize those investments.

    Finally, the proper allocation of capital should, ultimately, be used on projects that reduce operational cost through energy management or alternative work place strategies.


    With any asset or energy management initiative, the GPG Advisers team will:

    • Design, develop and implement operational and technology improvement strategies to reduce operational costs
    • Optimize business processes
    • Reduce or eliminate management risk
    • Enhance the portfolio value for our clients


    1. Define Goals

    2. Analyze Problems


    4. Implement, Validate, and Review
  • Business Consulting

    Executing process change in any organization requires a deep understanding of key issues, current trends and the technology needed to support process modification.

    However, with the speed and flexibility at which businesses must operate in today’s climate, it is common for organizations to implement what they hope is a quick solution before fully understanding the problem.

    Undertaking the GPG four-step approach permits your organization to fully define the challenges and identify comprehensive IT tools and solutions to correct those processes that might impede attainment of your goals. Let us help you build a workable strategy, implement a plan and make your goals a reality.


GPG’s objective is to carefully design, develop, and implement strategic operational and technological improvements that will:
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimize business processes
  • Reduce or eliminate management risk
  • Enhance portfolio value

4-Step Delivery Process






Successfully developing and executing a thoughtful system diagnostic analysis or IT strategy requires an experienced, diligent team of experts.

The end result is a clear understanding of the technology, identification of gaps, and a clear roadmap to enable the best solutions for use by the organization.

Our approach varies based on the scale and area of focus. However, in most cases, there are three core phases:


    The goal of a successful system selection is to achieve alignment between your organization’s requirements and the functionality of the software. Although our approach will vary depending on the specific needs of your organization, the steps below are followed with critical Proof of Concept review and checkpoints included as needed:

    • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

      More and more, businesses are discovering the importance of having a business continuity plan that provides the framework and roadmap to follow in the event a catastrophic event occurs preventing normal business operations.

      Our approach to assisting a business through plan creation encompasses five key phases:

      1. Scope

        Ensure key project stakeholders in the organization understand the purpose of a business continuity plan and each one’s roles in the creation and support of the BCP.

      2. Design

        Meet with business departments to discuss responsibilities as they relate to a BCP and ensure the correct tools and information are in place to operate efficiently in the event of a significant business interruption.

      3. Build

        Create the plan and review details with the business owners to ensure all needs are met.

      4. Deploy

        Train the team on the plan and then test the plan through a variety of means to identify any open issues or gaps.

      5. Optimize

        The BCP is a living document. As testing provides new information, and organizational changes occur, additional revisions to the plan may be required. The BCP should be continuously updated and reviewed with key stakeholders.

  • Carrier Offloading

    • Carrier Offloading transitions the medium of cellular calls from cellular antennas onto Wi-Fi networks
    • The transition enables Carriers to reduce infrastructure cost and leverage existing Wi-Fi networks
    • Carriers are willing to pay for the use of existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure to avoid the high cost of DAS
    • Wi-Fi also supports much higher bandwidth capability than most 4G cellular networks and can sometimes compete with 5G cellular networks as well
    • Owner / Operators Wi-Fi networks become an extension of the Carriers networks
    • Revenues are passed through to Owner / Operator as a % Rent

    • GPG manages relationship with the Carriers on behalf of the Owner / Operators

    • GPG works alongside Owner / Operator to configure their Wi-Fi to support Carrier Offloading

    • GPG operates and maintains the integration between Owner / Operator and Carriers

    • GPG handles carrier billing, revenue reconciliation, and authentication


GPG Advisers offers its clients analytical and targeted solutions to protect customer data and enhance infrastructure security. Our methodology is a broad-spectrum approach to help clients protect important corporate data, client/customer data and assets.

GPG’s approach mitigates risk caused by potential internal error or by external attack.

In the 2nd quarter of 2018, 765 million people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks. Later in the year, 500 million major hotel chain customers were affected by a massive breach and another 100 million users’ account information was stolen from a popular Q&A community website.

Recent studies on cybersecurity confirms the growth of IoT (Internet of Things) devices increases the cost of a breach by about $5 per compromised record, while full security automation reduces the cost of a breach significantly – by as much as 35%.

The Future

The EU’s landmark passage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 is driving an effort for increased consumer protections in the U.S. In addition, the California State Assembly has already passed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (AB 375) -- set to take effect in 2020 -- which has been touted as a possible foundation for a far-reaching federal law built on offering similar protections of the GDPR to U.S. citizens.

New regulations that will most certainly impact the way organizations deal with cybersecurity issues are imminent. As the number of threats expand, and the likelihood of future legislative mandates to protect consumers looms, a comprehensive cybersecurity analysis and plan is, more than ever, essential.

GPG’s security, network, and social engineering experts will help you develop a strategy, test for vulnerability and provide ongoing support to ensure that all protective measures are deployed successfully. Our services include:

  • Managed Services

    As companies implement a technical communication backbone (TCB) and energy management system (EMS), assistance in network management, energy management, and program management is often required.

    We provide managed services by defining the business processes and procedures to efficiently track performance across the portfolio; manage issue resolution; and handle daily and weekly reporting. Through site review and documentation; energy and equipment analysis; and enterprise and property level assistance; GPG’s managed services provide scalable support for your people, processes and technology.

Marketing Support & Event Analysis

Property owners take a variety of approaches to build traffic and create excitement to attract new shoppers. Special events can range from musical performances, sing-alongs, exercise and wellness-based activities, food truck festivals, farmer’s markets and scores of other possibilities.

However, planning and running special events is time-consuming and costly. Most important, how do you know if your investment delivers ROI?

GPG Advisers has marketing and special events specialists who can help ensure you are choosing the right events for your market and analyze traffic to show how long shoppers are spending on the property, where they are going before and after the event, and how long they are staying.

We can also assist in:

  • Marketing Strategy - Defining and refining an overall marketing strategy for your properties/portfolio (web site, calendar, digital displays)
  • Social Media Strategy - Developing a winning social media strategy to engage and inform your visitors
  • Branding Strategy – Creating events to develop customer loyalty and attract repeat visits for events that become part of your brand
  • Portfolio Strategy – Leveraging and adapting event success stories across the portfolio
  • Events Management - Coordinating with property teams, performers and the community to hold entertaining, informative activities at your properties.


Maximize Your Investment in Salesforce

As a certified Salesforce partner, GPG works with real estate organizations to realize the value of their Salesforce investment.

We have successfully helped both public and private real estate clients implement Salesforce by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is a powerful and flexible tool that enables a more efficient, transparent and information-driven experience for your employees, business leaders and customers. GPG helps real estate clients define a Salesforce vision and execute a Salesforce implementation plan that optimizes the experience of employees, business leaders and customers.

  • Your Salesforce Journey with GPG

    1. Define organizational vision with Salesforce

    2. Develop Salesforce roadmap

    3. Envision an optimized business process leveraging Salesforce

    4. Develop a plan to implement Salesforce

    5. Execute the plan


Implementing Salesforce to create value for your organization is not just about Salesforce: It’s about ensuring that Salesforce integrates with other applications and dovetails with processes and procedures.

We help your organization define the key metrics; business processes and procedures; and a data model and technical architecture, so that Salesforce integrates seamlessly into your organization.


Realizing the value of Salesforce requires ensuring your Salesforce build complements your people, processes and applications around Salesforce. GPG combines Salesforce development resources with the technical Salesforce development skills to maximize the power of your Salesforce build.

After initial implementation, real estate organizations often extend Salesforce to increase the realized value of the tool. GPG has experience completing Salesforce extension projects that are tactical and focused: We help our clients deliver those extension projects and continue to maximize the value of Salesforce.

Learn More

Please contact us at for more information on how we can help your organization maximize the features and benefits of Salesforce.

Smart Building

The use of data-gathering sensors and complex analytics tools to manage energy use - smart building technology - is now being expanded far beyond energy cost savings to:

  • Improve tenant and visitor experience
  • Increase employee productivity by providing the correct workspace for certain tasks
  • Reduce construction costs
  • Enhance security
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Comply with local or state sustainability policies
  • Simplify facilities management.

However, with all of the perceived benefits of smart building technology, not the least of which is to offer tenants/users a way to manage and improve their bottom-line, challenges to conversion and implementation are common.

  • Is a total transformation practical?
  • How to select the best mix of technology for your property from an overabundance of competitive offerings?
  • How do you ensure the best use of space?
  • What is the least disruptive road to conversion?
  • How do make certain facilities staff is adequately trained?
  • How do you measure and ensure ROI on your investment?

GPG Advisers has a long-standing reputation for helping organizations successfully assess possibilities, select solutions, implement sustainable smart building technology, and discover the benefits through measurement of ROI.

Technical & Infrastructure Services

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